I absolutely adore being a single mom, or mom in general. It’s the greatest gift ever. I’ve definitely have my rough times and dealt with depression, however, my babies always bring me back.

So, I thought, what a better way to remind myself to stay thankful for my babies.

Unconditional Love

I’m not a perfect person, despite what my kids might think. I have days where I miss a shower, or I’m not the nicest person. There are times when I slack on homecooked meals and real genuine quality time.

Besides that, I hate my mommy pouch and just feel gross, but my kids LOVE to play with the Jiggle of my belly.

I will continue to try to be the mother they deserve. However, it’s just nice to know that they will love me even if I’m dirty, lazy or my belly jiggles. All my kids care about is that I’m here, I’m present, and sometimes, that’s enough.

Endless Cuddles

Both of my kiddos, are momma’s kids. Of course, that’s due to me being a single mom, but I have a train following me everywhere, all of the time.

My kids always know when I’m having a bad day and give me cuddles and hugs. Every morning I wake up with the kids in my bed even though I put them asleep in their bed.

My daughter will walk up to me and say, “Hey, what if we both squeeze each other, is that a good idea?”

Meanwhile, my son, will just lean on me while playing with his Lego’s or watching TV. It makes me happy to know that they consider me a safe space and can rely on me when they need to.

Secret Handshakes

I got this idea from the ABC Family TV Show, Baby Daddy, which is based on a single Dad raising his Daughter with the help of his family and friends. Their secret handshake is: Fist bump, high five, and then they wiggle their fingers together. We do the same thing but add a tickle at the end.

I’ve done this with my son since he was two, and I just taught my daughter how to do it as well. We save it as a special treat for when they pick up toys or go potty. Overall, It’s simple and adds a special factor to our parent-child relationship.

Constant Laughter

I am perpetually shocked by the things that fall out my kids mouth. I know I can’t be the only one, sometimes I’m ashamed to laugh, but their childish lisp can’t be stopped. 

Thankfully, my kids know well enough to not copy the bad words on do say on occasion (I’m trying to better myself). In fact, my kids catch me and tell me not to say naughty words.

However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t find ways to come up with their own sayings.

For instance my son is constantly asking me about what words are allowed. He knows we don’t say “Oh My God,” But I told him he could say “Gosh.” Now, they both walk around loudly screaming, Oh my Gosh! to everything.

For a while, my daughter was saying, Oh Sheep! How could I be mad at that?

There are so many little things that they say; I should write a book on it!

Receiving Art as a Gift

Children are such creative beings and they put all their hard work into their art, even if it may not seem like much. My son, is an exceptional artist, and I’m always impressed by his creations. I even have a art wall where I hang it all – and constantly running out of space for it all. I want it all framed and put in a museum.

The best part, is that it comes from them and it comes from their heart.

Kid Shows

I’m a sucker for Disney and Cartoon Shows. I will forever be a child at heart. Often, I joke with my friends that I never watch T.V. or movies because all I know about is kids shows.

I know nothing of Tiger King. Is he related to the Lion King?

In fact, my favorite TV show as of right now is called Miraculous: The Tales of Lady Bug, and Cat Noir. It’s all very exciting and the right level of childish and mature. Even if you’re not a mom, putting on a “childish” show can definitely add some relaxation to your day.

As if I need any added stress about love triangles! I just want to know how the Paw Patrol saved the bunnies!

Cool Toys

As a child, I loved Barbie and playing with dolls. Lately, that’s not exactly my toy of choice. After having my son, I prefer Legos or building blocks. I just love walking around in a toy store (budget approved). I could spend all day in there.

Finding baby dolls, clothes and accessories. It is so fun to shop and look for toys – I think I get more excited about Christmas than my kids do. Just seeing a toy and imagining how happy it could make my kids, makes me happy. I love them both so much, I wish I could give it all to them.


I was lucky as a child to be able to travel with my dad. He took my sister and I everywhere. As a single mother, I can’t afford to travel. But my Dad has been a great supporter of taking my children on adventures. I may not always be available to go, but when I can, I love being able to take my kids to museums or aquariums.

Being hands on and active with my children is the best. You can see their minds in action when they see something interesting and new.

Again, its just overall seeing my children happy.

Learning about myself and my children

I’m still learning how to parent. I often feel like I’m being moved to the next level without finishing or “passing” the previous one. I’ll always be learning because I’ve never raised kids before, and both of my children are so wildly different. They learn differently, they need to be disciplined differently and they each have a different love language.

Over my parenting journey I’ve grown, not only as a parent, but as a person.

Being a parent forced me to clean up my act and become more responsible so that I could take care of myself and my kids.

Are you a parent? Tell me what you love about parenting your kids!