I’ve been slacking in my usual blog posting for about a month because I made a big move. Again. Moving with kids is a special kind of torture.

First, your house is hardly organized. Which means when you pack all of your belongings will be scattered in different boxes.

Second, they refuse to let anything be packed away. Because miraculously, the toy they haven’t played with in months is now their favorite.

Third, they physically can’t help. I’m a single mom so I’m low on the muscle power that comes with loading up a truck. I definitely can’t ask my kids for help and I have to find a way to entertain them while moving.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However all opinions are my own and truthful to the best of my knowledge.

Be Organized

I’m no professional at organization, but if I learned anything about moving is that being organized has benefits.

My life isn’t a complete mess. However, you don’t realize how much stuff you have until you’re trying to pack everything you own in boxes. 

Organization aside, I just didn’t realize how much stuff I had accumulated, especially toys. 

I knew I was moving for weeks, and kept telling myself that I was going to start packing once I was organized. After the move, I regretted not having a system in place beforehand. 

Start Small


Because I was so disorganized, I tried to pack small dense boxes. I packed stuff I could live without for a while. Little items and trinkets that didn’t need to be packed in large heavy boxes. It made it easier to pack my messy apartment. 

Packing small helped with the organization because I knew that each box could be more specified. I.E. a specific box for each part of my small bathroom. 

If I’m going to be organized, I might as well go all out.

Another benefit to packing small is that I could pack in small time blocks. With two small children, I never have more than 30 minutes to pack at a time. 

Downsize your Belongings


As I mentioned, I accumulated a lot over time. I didn’t realize it until it was time to pack. 

There are some things I knew that I just threw in the trash because I didn’t want to bother packing it. However, there are some things you’re better off selling. 

I had a stacked washer and dryer, and I didn’t worry about selling it. Getting rid of it could have saved me time, and some back pain for my dad. Which leads me to…

Help with Heavy Lifting

If you haven’t realized already, I’ll highlight again that I’m a single mother. Not that I’m a damsel in distress, but I know my limits. 

Especially with two small children, I know I wouldn’t be able to lift my couch while keeping my kids safe. 

While I was moving I would have greatly benefited from a moving company. I only had my dad, as much as I appreciated his help, he’s not a spring chicken. He was much more equipped to help watch my kids and keep them out of the way. 

Aside from that was time, it took us two days to move out of my apartment because we exhausted our energy quickly. Had we employed a moving team, we would have been done much sooner. 

Access to a Truck

I have a small car, regardless of the size though, there is no way I could fit all my furniture. Sadly, after I moved I came across a moving company in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area that would have been a lot of help.

Our Truck Moving is reasonably priced. They help with packing your belongings, manual labor of moving and of course with transport of your belongings. 

As I mentioned before, I don’t drive a huge semi truck as I’m sure majority of people are in the same boat. That is why having a moving company on your side is worth it. 

In conclusion…

If I had used Our Truck Moving, I would have had all the help I needed as a single mother with two kids. 

Help with organized packing, aid in heavy lifting that would keep my belongings safe, and overall access to a truck. 

We still had to pay for help but it was unprofessional and it showed in how they handled my stuff which ended up in a damaged couch.

Be sure to check them out if you need any help with piano moving in Garland, Tx.