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by Liz Rodriguez

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Hey Y'all

Hey Y'all

Hey y'all! I'm a Liz Rodriguez. I am a single mom to two kiddos, Aiden and Adeline. We also have two Fur babies, our newest addition Rojo and Ariel. 

I started my blog because I've always wanted to be a writer. I've created many websites over the years, on many different platforms.  Weebly, Wix, Tumblr, WordPress and others. The passion for writing and creating websites came from the old Myspace days. I was constantly looking for unique layouts for my page. It often included having to code my own text size and font. 

I have had my own blog before called Momma and Monkey, but I was only consistent on their for about a month before I losing interest. 

I made Each Passing Day  in June because I found an awesome program that got me excited to write again. 

So, here I am. I love writing, reading and parenting all my babies. 

I just went back to school, and besides this blog I plan to pick up copy writing and website building. 

I hope you enjoy reading here and if you want, you can contact me anytime! 

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