Mother, Daughter, Sister & Friend

Hey y’ all I’m Liz (Rhiannon). 

Welcome to this here blog! I write about mental health, (single) motherhood and just everyday life issues. 

These two cuties are my kids, Aiden and Addie. While I had my kids young, I wouldn’t change it for the world, because they make me a better person.

Cliché I know but I do truly cherish those moments when they’re not acting like gremlins. All underneath their sticky mess and loud shrieks, its truly a wonderful adventure.  

For the past 5 years I have been a single mom, but I wouldn’t be sitting here writing and creating if it weren’t for my family. They’re my biggest cheerleaders and have amazing shoulders, that I use to cry on when I don’t listen to them and get hurt anyways. 

How Myspace Ignited My Passion for Creating and Writing

I’ve dreamt of having a successful blog for half my life (and I’m only 26). I have always loved to write and entered writing contest as early as 5th grade. My fascination for blogs didn’t come around until I got my first Myspace account. 

As I was able to learn to code and truly make my page my own. I messed with Fonts, font sizes and colors. There were so many different websites such as Createblog that had layouts for other similar websites such as Xanga, Blogger and Live Journal (can you say throwback?!) It was at this point that I learned I could create something beyond just Myspace.

I created so many different blogs on different platforms such as Weebly, WordPress, Tumblr and Google’s Blogger.

Since I was an adolescent, there was only so much I could write about. I made my own short stories, and poems. I wrote about Global Warming and Animal Cruelty. I also treated my blog like a personal diary.  And despite the fact that I didn’t follow through with them, my passion for writing only grew. 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

... I started taking blogging seriously

When I had my son, my creativity arose again. I paid for hosting and created an ‘official’ blog called Momma and Monkey. I wrote about being a new and young mother. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand all the ins and outs of blogging. And as a new mom, I wasn’t able to maintain it. I didn’t learn till YEARS later but picked up the basics. Things such as social networks, SEO, legal pages, Pinterest, and so much more. Three years passed, I had another child and was barely getting a grip of parenting. I struggled deeply with my my mental health, and overall adulthood was kicking my butt.

… coronavirus hit.

The Global Pandemic That Shut the World Down

I was unemployed and with nothing to do besides sit at home and scroll through TikTok, I decided to try blogging one more time. I had come across a Free 30 Day Blogging Program that truly guided me through the whole process. I gave it a try and then I dove in deep. And now here I am, a year later. Still learning and sharing my journey. Any journey is not a linear and its always going to be difficult, but you have to choose your difficult.

Lets Chat!

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