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Activities for the ‘Kid Free’ Mom

I recently got a journal as a gift from my stepdads’ mom. It was a notebook of 300 Journal Prompts. The first prompt was ‘How do you like to spend a Lazy Day’ or read even a day ‘off,’ whatever that means. It got me thinking and I know I’m not the only mom that has lost a sense of self since having our children.  As a Mom, I can’t remember being ‘Kid Free’, or remember what to do when I don’t have my kids with me.

Kid Free Mom

Grocery Shopping seems like a 5-star vacation when we’re kid free. A nap when our head is not being sat on, is better than any expensive Spa day. A solo bathroom trip is pure joy. I’m telling you, Mothers never truly get a break. 

Then there’s the Karen’s and Kevin’s, that say ‘Well. if you wanted to do things ‘Kid-free,’ then you shouldn’t have had kids.” Or, “There’s people that can’t even have kids, you should be thankful.” Which we, as mothers, are thankful but it doesn’t mean that we have to be bound to our children 24/7/365/18. 

Despite being a mother, I am my own person and so are you. So, here is a list of some fun activities for moms to do in their kid free time that DOES NOT involve grocery shopping or cleaning “peacefully.”

Go to Happy Hour for a Drink or Few (Responsibly)

This is one of my favorite ‘kid free,’ pastimes. I personally don’t like to drink or be drunk(or tipsy) around my kids because I get a bit crazy. So when they go visit their dad, then I like to have a drink (or a few). I, however, have no friends to go out with currently. I just snack and watch movies at home with my mom. 

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While it is totally possible to take your kids to the Salon, I can’t imagine it is very relaxing. So go get pampered in peace. 


I’m not talking about Grocery Shopping, I’m saying go to the mall and peruse the stores at your own pace and pick out something that you want for yourself. Don’t even try to think of the kids, clear them from your mind and don’t buy anything for them!

Also, no online shopping. I’m not sure it is because I had kids or if it’s the rise of technology, but I can’t remember the last time I went to the mall, with the intention of shopping. 

Read an Adult Book

Are you tired of reading the same story book about Peppa Pig giving her parents a hard time going to bed? Well, now that you’re a ‘kid free’ mom, you can change it up sans distraction. And I know I said, ‘Adult Book,’ but you’re free to interpret that however you please. Wink wink. 

Do a ‘Dangerous’ Activity

Do something, anything that you wouldn’t do with your kids around. It doesn’t even have to be Really dangerous, but if you can do it without having to guide your kids and you wish you could just do your own thing, then do that. 

For example here are some things I wish I could do alone:

  • Ice skating
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing

A good place to look for fun and affordable things to do is Groupon.

Also note: It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing fun activities with my kids, I do, but sometimes I want to have fun without making sure my kids will survive. So, if you ever have an opportunity to be a ‘Kid Free,’ Mom and don’t know what to do with your time, I hope this list is helpful for you!

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I’m a single mom with two small kids and two big dogs. I spend my days writing, designing websites, playing with my kids and well, mostly cleaning. 


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