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Family Movie Night in the Midst of the Coronavirus

Going to the movies was a fun once a month event that my family loved until the coronavirus halted life as we know it. I have two small children and life just got really repetitive very quickly especially after I lost my job as a waitress. So, I had to find a way to make eating candy and watching tv fun again. haha. I was hardly ever able to see my parents because my mom is a nurse and my dad worked at a grocery store. Our life’s went to seeing my parents daily to being lucky if we saw them once a week given we had no symptoms. So I wanted to make the most out of the limited time we had with each other. Thus, the introduction of Family Movie Night. Making this a fun and different event from every other day in quarantine meant I had to conjure up some creativity on my side. I had to think of what made the movies special. So what was it? The kid meal movie boxes? The slushies? Popcorn bags? Candy? New Movies (this far into quarantine we had already watched just about everything on Netflix. haha.), but we took advantage of the new release movies.

So I decided to make the movie boxes for kids, and some home made slushies. And I’ll show you how!

Items you will need:
  • Cereal Boxes
  • Wrapping Paper (if you want to make it extra pretty)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Crayon/Sharpie
  • Box Cutter
  • Fold Top Sandwich Bag or Little Cups or bowls to fit inside the holes that you cut.

How to Make a Kids Movie Box

I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible so I don’t confuse you.
  • FIRST. We’re going to wrap our boxes in some wrapping paper. In the last boxes I made, I wrapped it so that the white side of the paper was facing out and my kids decorated it as they pleased.
  • SECOND. Trace in a cup holder and little compartments for popcorn or candy. I usually have those lined popcorn bags like from the circus or the movies (DOLLAR STORE HAS THEM). But little sandwich bags will do. I even made a little box out of foil for my sons larger box. Really anything will do so don’t feel like you have buy any extra materials. Whatever you have on hand will work.
  • THIRD. Use your box cutter to cut out the holes your traced and place in your liners so the popcorn and candy don’t go rolling around. I used old QT cups to put the slushies in.

Make a Slushy!

Movie Slushies!
Movie Slushies!

This is the simplest recipe ever. All you have to do is blend together some Water, Ice, and Kool-aide mix you could also use Powerade, or other flavored drinks. For the adults, you could add alcohol, but be sure to keep it from your kids.

The Final Look

The Completed Look!

Check this out!

Check out the Book Challenge for Children. All you have to do is read 10 books, and you have the chance to win a book for free for your child. It is free to join and free to win!

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