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How to Boost Productivity at Home When You Have ADHD

Increase productivity

The Covid-19 pandemic started when I was coming out of my depression. I knew I couldn’t let this beat me. Productivity during this time was vital to me. It is so hard to try and boost productivity with ADHD but I had to find a way to do it so as to not focus on all the worldly turmoil. 

I had lost my job and I knew that I had to stay busy for my own sanity. It can be easy to become lazy when you have “nothing to do”. I, like many of you, had kids to take care of. Two ‘kennel crazy’ kids that needed constant stimulation. 

Are you a planner addict and still lacking in productivity?

Checklists and planners are my favorites to boost productivity with ADHD. I mean really, I have up to 5 planners at any given time. But while I love planners – I just didn’t have enough to do on a daily basis. I had a few things throughout the week but just nothing worthy of “planning out.” 

Boosting ADHD Productivity with Planners

So I went to my computer and created a checklist routine to print out and keep me active and productive. It turns out that my ADHD does a happy dance when I get to check off a little box. 

If you’re like me and struggle with executive dysfunction, then you’ll understand that breaking things up into smaller tasks, like brushing your teeth, needs to be rewarded. This is why I created a FREE Printable to boost productivity if you have ADHD in your life. 

My Morning Productivity Routine

Everyone’s daily routine is different, I understand that. I am the type of person that needs to be reminded to do simple tasks. I get so distracted by my kids and pets that I had to include them on my productivity list.

Every morning when I wake up I get a head start by drinking a glass of water. Studies have shown that drinking water on an empty stomach boosts your metabolism. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight.

Something else I included in the productivity list is a reminder to take the necessary medications. For example, I have hypothyroidism and the pill I have to take has to be taken on an empty stomach. I’m a forgetful person so putting this on my routine list was a must.

It’s crazy how unless I have something telling me to brush my teeth, I won’t until I remember but then promptly get distracted by something else. This is why I put brushing my teeth on my routine checklist. 

Other stuff you might see is:

Making your bed, washing your face, and writing for 15 minutes – which is optional but highly recommended.

The morning writing helps as a physical release to any negative feelings. It can also help you to see your growth over the year and it only takes 10-15 minutes. Set a timer so you don’t get carried away. 

Boost Productivity in Your Daily Routine

Water is vital. It keeps your skin healthy, rids your body of toxins, boosts energy, and guess what? Increases productivity! I want to make sure that you’re drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day! However, some scientists say that we should drink half of our body weight in ounces.

If you have any kids or pets I made sure to include them in your free Productivity Booster routine. 

I know that our lives are hectic, now more than ever, but spending 30 minutes a day shouldn’t be too hard. Especially if you tend to hyper fixate and just lose yourself in your ‘fascination of the week’ 

But, if you don’t have any children or pets, take some time for self-care. Take 30 minutes to take care of yourself. Everyday. 

For the rest of us that do have children and pets, I took care of you in my Nighttime Routine.

Like I said before when the pandemic started, it was easy to feel like I “had nothing to do.” But, you would be surprised how fast your home can become a mess, especially your kitchen. 

I know I am not the only one that ate like a pig out of boredom. 

So, I included a Clean Kitchen (and broke it down into smaller tasks because that is a chore that I LOATHE) and a Clean 1 Room for my daily routine.

I broke it down into little steps because it’s easy to take a break afterward. If you decide that just doing 1 load of laundry is enough, then you still have the satisfaction of checking off a box. Even if you don’t fold it and put it away. 

Plus, messy places cause anxiety – as if we need any more of that in our lives.

Boost Productivity at BEDTIME?! 

Boost Productivity
Journaling at Night for Gratitude.

At the beginning of this whole mess (Covid-19 Pandemic), I was staying up close to 2 am. 

My kids and I dropped our night routine (very loose term because I only did this ‘routine’ when I was actively trying to be THAT mom) because we didn’t have school or work. 

But sadly, it had a huge impact on my productivity during the day. I was groggy, grumpy, and had no motivation to do things the next day.

To start off my nighttime routine, I tire myself out, if I haven’t already. I do a 10-20 minute declutter with my kids. Again, set the timer and if you can sit and think about cleaning for 20 minutes, then you can clean for 20 minutes. Even 10 minutes. It doesn’t matter but get up and move. Or put 3 individual items away (I’m tricking you because I know you’ll do more). 

For my kids, I make sure that they each take a bath, and during this, I set out anything I may need in the morning. Charge my computer and phone, set out clothes, and fill my pillbox.

Once my kiddos were done, we headed to their room for a bedtime story. I read them 2 stories every night. I know this may be hard for some people if you don’t have books or access to your local library, then makeup stories – it’s free. 

When I know they are out for the night, it’s time for me! ugh, finally.

I love a nice hot shower to finish the day, followed by lotion and washing my face.

To finish off the night, I read a book to unplug. If you don’t read that is fine too. You could use this time to write, paint or draw. Whatever you want really. I just sleep better if I don’t watch tv before bed, but I’m still guilty of using my phone sometimes. NOBODY IS PERFECT.

Anyways that’s my routine to boost productivity with ADHD. It helps me stay moving and healthy during this time of uncertainty.

Get Your Routines Printable!

You can get your routine Printable by filling the form down below. I put mine in sheet protectors and use them daily with a dry-erase marker. Set an alarm on your phone to check it often so that object permanence doesn’t wreck your vibe. 



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    1. it is incredibly hard for me to wake up early but I hate the feeling of a wasted day! I use an app called alarmy and it makes me do like 20 math questions to turn it off lol

  1. Great post. I have recently started working on routines for myself and coming up with a plan lol. The pandemic has messed up my old schedule. I no longer work and just started blogging and haven’t quite figured out a routine yet. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Of course! Thats why I prefer checklist because as long I get the basics done I’ll feel fine. I try to do blog stuff in 30 minute increments otherwise I get sucked in!

    1. Yes! I always recommend making your bed and drinking water! It’s a great motivator to just start with something small. It’ll make you feel good that you did SOMETHING!

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I’m a single mom with two small kids and two big dogs. I spend my days writing, designing websites, playing with my kids and well, mostly cleaning. 


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