Cleaning can become overwhelming quickly. Especially if you’re battling against two little gremlins and only one of you. I’m sure many others can relate as well. Sometimes, life just gets ahead of you and it’s exhausting to clean all the time. I’m there with you; like where do you even start?

This past week was a bad mental health week for me , and I refused to clean. The mess steadily intensified my anxiety ten-fold. But, we all need simple ways to just pick up sometimes when the mess gets to be so much.

Start With Trash

Where does trash go? That’s right, the trash can! There’s no organizing or figuring out which shelf to place it on. Such a thoughtless act can clear up your space instantly.

You’ll be surprised about how much clearer your space can be once you clear it of all the trash. That way everything in the box can be focused on putting important stuff where it goes.

While you’re at it, organize papers or receipts. I have tons of papers laying around from my apartment complex that I read then put down on my coffee table. Or when I empty out my bag of all the receipts. Just clear it out. If you plan to keep your receipts all year, make sure to scan them into a app or your computer for safe keeping, but toss the paper.

The Box Method

This is basically like sweeping everything under the rug. However, instead we’re putting various items in a box. Preferably, about the size of a laundry basket. No need to organize it.

I typically do this with my kids toys because I can’t keep up with their mess sometimes. It’s just easier to manage for all of us. We pick up all the toys from the living room and into the toy room/dining room to put the toys away.

Yes, this is absolutely bad coping. Haha. No, but this does two things for you. One, it helps you focus on one part of the bigger mess. Two, gives you an immediate cleaner space. You can take a break if you’d like, but it feels good to know that that you “cleaned up a box worth.”

On the other hand, we don’t want you to just push that box to the side. You still need to work your way through the box. But the size is small enough to be manageable, and large enough to make an instant difference in your living space.

Clean Up Your Clothes!

Who else takes off clothes to try on but we’re too lazy to hang it back up if it’s just not the right fit? Or maybe you wore those jeans for 30 minutes to run an errand and now you don’t know if they’re considered dirty. What do we often do that clothes? Shove it to the side. Then we forget that it’s clean and it gets buried beneath the mess.

So, first pick up all your dirty clothes and make sure it’s in the appropriate basket. I usually throw it all together and it’s been fine for me.

Second, hang up all the clothes that is still clean. No need in doing ALL the laundry if ALL the clothes isn’t dirty.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Seriously, I would avoid cooking just because I could NOT stand to be in the kitchen.

  • Use the Dishwasher. I never used the dishwasher, until my best friend encouraged me to. My kitchen was always a mess because dishes are my least favorite task! Then adding the fact that I have two little kids that use ALL the spoons in one day for yogurt. Now, I use it daily.
  • Clean as you go. If you’re cooking, don’t wait until you’re done to put things away. You will be tired from the cooking, or tired from eating. I’m actually horrible about this the bigger my kitchen is. However, in my tiny apartment, I don’t have much choice because of limited counter space.
  • Clean your microwave and stove top often. Make sure to clean your stove top and microwave often. It can lead to gnarly odor and it looks dirty. I use a dish sponge with soap and just give it a nice scrub through. Doing it daily or after cooking a meal, takes 5 minutes or less. And you give your food time to cool off.
  • Sweep and Mop.Look, I HATE mopping. I grew up with the old mop and bucket then waiting 20 minutes for the water to dry. But, hear me out, because I know some of us are on a tight budget, BUY THE SPRAY MOP. The one that sprays the mop solution directly on the floor and then you just move your arms back and forth.

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