This is a guest post from CWT Business. CWT also runs the CWT Business Audio Show, which is available on Apple, Overcast and Spotify. Both CWT Business blog and podcast, are for anyone that run a business or anyone interested in learning about business. In this guest post, CWT covers how he struggles with procrastination, and tips he uses to prevent procrastination.

Procrastination is something that I have struggled with my entire life.

In fact, I am writing this article the day before I have to submit this article which goes to show that I have not yet mastered the ability to stop.

It’s simply something that I have struggled to deal with a lot. To be honest, I will most likely always struggle with procrastination. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. I am trying every single day to better myself and minimize my nature to procrastinate. With this article, I am going to share my tips that have helped me handle it better.

Procrastination Tip 1 – Have a Schedule

One thing that has helped me tremendously with procrastination is making a schedule.

Basically, if I plan a certain time to work on a specific project, I am more likely to start working on that project.

Having a schedule has tremendously helped me get projects out before the due date since I have a specific plan to work on it.

Change the Due Date or Time

Procrastinators work with the assumption of a due date. If we have something due at 12, we will finish our project at 12.

The trick is to change the due date for yourself.

By doing this, I will get my work done faster so that I can do what I enjoy.

Next time you have a project due at 12, tell yourself that the project is due at 8, and you will finish that project at 8.

Changing the due date mentally has helped me minimize my habit to procrastinate.

Reward Yourself for Not Procrastinating

Another way to help yourself stop procrastinating is to give yourself an award for finishing early.

I use this strategy very often in my life. If I have something that I need to do, I tell myself that if I start working to get it done right away, I will award myself.

Some incentives I use are watching my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother or enjoying some ice cream.

Procrastination Tip 4 – Eliminate Distractions

I know that if my phone is near me, I will constantly check and get completely distracted from my work.

Because of that, I need to turn my phone off and remove the distraction if I am going to finish my work.

If you get distracted by your phone, turn it off before and don’t let yourself turn it back on until your task is completed. Another incentive.

Lastly, do everything as assigned.

Basically, as soon as you get a task, accomplish it!

Don’t let your tasks build up as it will make you feel extremely overwhelmed, and it will be impossible to convince yourself to get started.

Accomplishing small tasks is much easier then accomplishing a huge obstacle.

So, if you eliminate small tasks throughout the day, it will be much easier than trying to accomplish a huge amount at the end of the day.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, procrastinating comes from a lack of discipline. This has taken me a long time to realize.

I could spend this entire article naming a million different tricks to combat procrastination, but they will only work for you if you let them.

You decide what strategies help and which ones don’t. I am, by no means, blaming you for having the habit to procrastinate. But, I am telling you that the only way to change your tendency to procrastinate is by fixing your mindset.

You have to decide you are done procrastinating. You have to decide that your work will come first, and that you will devote your time to accomplishing your goals before all else. It’s going to be difficult but you need to believe in you. You are done waiting until the last minute.

Remember this, if you procrastinate, you will always lose to the person who did not. Ending procrastination is solely a mind over matter philosophy. I understand how hard it really is to stop procrastinating.

As I mentioned, it is something I continuously struggle with today, but I do believe I am getting better at it because of my mindset. Are you ready to work tirelessly to fix your mindset to stop procrastinating?

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