Join the Book Challenge for Children!

by Liz Rodriguez
Join the Book Challenge for Children!

What is a Book Challenge?

On this particular blog, a book challenge is a to inspire children to read more so that they can earn or win a two free books.

I even partnered with Usborne Book Seller, Paula Willis, who also wants to inspire children to read! You can win a book from her and a book (of your choice) from me! Check out her Facebook Page for cute daily updates!


When I wrote my post Story Time on a Budget I became inspired to help children read. I know that libraries do this, but in my nearby libraries I think it is complicated to join or follow the rules. So, I wanted to create a book challenge that was easy and fun for children! I want children reading books. If anything, inspire family time when a parent reads to their child.


This book challenge is for children ages 10 and under. This is why even if your child is still too young to read by themselves, it will count if you read to them. Family time is very important to me. But most of all, I want children reading and being introduced to books.


The best thing about this, is that it doesn’t matter where you are. All you need is an Amazon Wishlist so that I can buy from your wish list and your address stay’s completely private to me.


You can check out my Privacy, terms and conditions and my disclaimer pages. We are real people, with kids of our own. I’m not going to spam you with emails. You DON’T NEED to sign up for any other website. I’m NOT trying to sell anything to you. This is not a “FREE TRIAL” where you’ll be charged later on.

I want to Join the Book Challenge!

Great! I will send you weekly reminders because this particular book challenge ends on September 30,2020. If it goes well, then I will continue this on my blog. Hopefully even add a Theme? Who knows.

Join now by filling out the form below.

What do you get when you join?

  • A chance to win a FREE BOOK from me AND AN EXTRA USBORNE BOOK
  • Rules and Conditions.
  • And a Fancy Looking List to write down the books you and your child read.
  • A return email where you can email the list back to get entered into a random generator to win the FREE BOOKS

However, be sure to CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL (will likely be in your socials or promotions folder) otherwise you won’t get this opportunity and receive all the official rules.

The Form

August Book Challenge Winner – Josephine H! You can follow her Twitter! She makes custom Press On Nails!

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