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The Ultimate List of Purse Essentials for Moms 2022

purse essentials 2022

Disclaimer: Some items linked in this post are affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. All items I promote are items that I have used myself.

I’m currently in a “get my life together” phase. I’ve spent most of my parenthood so far being the “hot-mess” mom and not having necessary items on me when I need them. My Loungefly Winnie-the-Pooh “mini” backpack has been mostly empty and totally useless other than just being plain adorable.

In my early parenting days—back when I only had one kid—I remember my friends complimenting me for the snacks I carried. I think it’s expected to have a bag full of everything when your children are younger. But as our children grow, we forget that we still need a plethora of junk in our bags. Okay, not junk, but my back says otherwise.

As my kids have grown, I’ve learned they still have accidents, get sick in public, get scratched up, and get thirsty when we’re out and about. This happens, especially when I’m underprepared and thinking, “ah, we’ll be fine without (insert random item here).” So, I’ve compiled a list of purse essentials that I, and every other mom, should ALWAYS have.

The Best Purse for Moms

Lovevook Mini Backpack Purse for Women in Black

Personally, I think mini backpacks are the way to go for moms. Backpacks are hands-free and won’t jiggle and move around like a sachel will with a side strap. When trying to herd two wild animals around, hands-free is a must! Especially when you’re on the go and carry your whole house in a bag, backpacks with pockets are your best friend.

This is the bag I recently bought from Amazon that comes in two sizes. I chose the smaller bag, and it can easily carry everything you need. Some other features are:

  • Hidden pocket for cards, cash, I.D., Insurance cards. Keep nasty thieves from stealing critical information.
  • Wire and pocket for a portable charger. Great for keeping tablets and phones charged on the go.
  • Lots of pockets. Keep your purse organized.
  • Adjustable Straps. Adjust the straps for your comfort.

Health Purse Essentials of 2022

Once I received my new bag, I was so excited to pack my new purse with everything I needed. I ran to Kroger and picked up some new travel sizes and leak-free items. Here’s what I got:

First-Aid Kit. I got a small 80-piece kit with bandages, alcohol wipes, a cold compress, and some wood splints. It has everything I’ll need for 1st and 2nd-degree burns, sunburns, minor cuts and scrapes, and aches & pains. I also grabbed some additional Neosporin because the First Aid kit only had a small one-use package.

Children’s Advil. Not only for fever, but I’ve noticed my son has sadly inherited my horrible migraines. Also, good for toothaches, tummy aches, and of course, fever. When I got home, I also grabbed some of my own Ibprofin and put them in a Ziploc bag to carry.

Sunscreen. We live in Texas, and the sun has no mercy. I grabbed some children’s SPF 50 to carry in my bag.

Bug Spray. Mosquito bites are no fun, so I grabbed a small spray can of bug spray to put in an interior cup holder pocket.

Inhaler and spacer. My daughter was recently diagnosed with acute asthma, so her inhaler and spacer will always be on me. I don’t want it to get dirty, so I bought this case to protect it.

Tampons and Pads. Sometimes “Shark week” comes early, so it’s best to be prepared.

Tissue and Wipes. Great for wiping running noses or a messy chocolatey face.

Mini Hand Sanitizer. I keep it easily accessible by clipping it to my purse handle. An absolute purse essential in the time of Covid-19.

Purse Essentials for Beauty

Children have a way of having accidents or messing with their hair at inopportune times. I will carry these items in my bag at all times to avoid such mishaps.

Hair Ties and Clips. My daughter sometimes randomly wants a “bracelet” to put her hair up when playing. It’s nice to get her hair out of her face especially since she usually won’t let me style her hair in cute pigtails.

Brush. A foldable pocket brush or comb can never be wrong to fix tangled hair.

Extra change of clothes. An extra shirt or pants if accidents happen—which happen ALOT.

Lip Balm or Gloss. Gotta keep your lips looking hydrated and healthy.

Trash Bag or Gallon Ziploc. Keep on hand to store wet or soiled clothes.

Miscellaneous Purse Essentials for Moms

Some other random purse essentials to keep on hand. You never know when they’ll come in handy!

Glasses Wipes. Dirty glasses are no bueno. You need to see clearly, and it just isn’t a good look. Carry some glasses wipes on you at all times.

Pen and Notepad. For church notes, important numbers or notes before you inevitably forget them.

Charger/Portable Battery. Great to keep your phone charged in case of emergency, or tablets to keep the kids entertained in waiting rooms.

Pepper Spray or Pocket Knife. Keep you and your kids safe. There are some serious creeps out there. This is especially important if you’re a single parent.

Water and Snacks. Kids are always thirsty and hungry, and sometimes you don’t always have immediate access to food. Keep some granola bars or apple sauce in your bag to be on the safe side of chaos.

What Do You Keep in Your Purse?

So, this is my ultimate list of purse essentials that every mom should have no matter what! Did I forget anything?

What are some purse essentials that you keep in your bag?


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I’m a single mom with two small kids and two big dogs. I spend my days writing, designing websites, playing with my kids and well, mostly cleaning. 


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